We are a community which has sought and found.

2011, the Community " Offroadbagaluten " was launched

to go together their hobby after .

With time came more interested to order the

Hobby to share with us .

Our members can be found throughout the North West of Germany

Wilhelmshaven, Aurich over to Cuxhaven and Bremen Fjord.

We look forward to anyone who wants to move his SUV not only on roads .

With regular meetings we hold our community together .

Trips to beautiful Offroad Parks strengthen our community and keep them alive.

Not only technical discussions over the car but also the small talk with a cold glass of beer is very important to us.

Over time, a good friend and helpfulness that we would like to share further developed .

Some of us have continued to expand their hobby and

a special vehicle for serious off-road use rebuilt .

The TÜV would certainly hands together above his head to beat but for the terrain exactly

correct .

If you mean something also you could enjoy then write us and

We invite you happy for the next meeting .

Agitur,victurine simus an perituri

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